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Tip of the Day | Tuesday January 31st, 2023

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Move or resize selected range...

With this utility you can easily move or resize your selected range of cells.
This utility will only change your selected range of cells (the data in the cells is not changed).

This is very powerful tool in combination with for example the "Select cells based on content, formatting and more..." utility.
For example, if you have to make the cells in column B bold where the value in column A is "The Netherlands". You can then use the conditional select on column A and then use this "move" utility to move your selected range one column to the right. You then have selected all cells in column B that have in the same row the value "The Netherlands" in column A.

By default you can start this utility with the shortcut Control+Alt+M.


Example screenshot: 1 Move or resize selected range
1 Move or resize selected range

Starting this tool

Select  ›  Move or resize selected range...

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